Content writing for SEO is a very expensive and time consuming activity

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An amazing tool for creating interlinked website content which will blow your SEO rankings out of the water

One of our customers came from nowhere to get into the top 5 organic search results on Google. Pretty much at the click of a button. OK, it's not that easy, there is no magic bullet. You will need to do some work and we'll explain why its worth the effort below.

There are existing tools that provide keyword research and content guidelines, but this tool goes way further: it creates fully interlinked content that is processed as 95% human, 5% mixed, and 0% ai on GPTzero, the best AI content detector out there.

We wanted to automate PBM (Pillar Based Marketing) content generation, and that can be done with AI and very clever software. So we did it. But good AI content detectors like GPTzero were flagging it as 100% AI. And its becoming more clear every day that this is not going to help your SEO. That would just be too easy. No magic bullet!

Hence the recent boom in 'humanization' tools that convert AI content so that it passes AI detectors. However, for PBM, you will lose keywords and links if you use humanizers. So that just just won't work. They all seem to use similar technologies, and our own belief is that Google and others will figure them out in time. They are also very expensive to use. It gets worse in that if your website suddenly stops ranking on search engines, how do you fix it? You could recreate your content with newer humanizer tools but that seems a bit like chasing your tail.

Our imperfect perfect humanizer

It gets even worse. There are only a few humanizers that most SEO companies use. Suppose you are selling Vitamin D. You do your Google keyword research and then use AI to create content based on these keywords. So do all the other guys selling Vitamin D. They also use the same humanizers so they all wind up creating the same 'human' content, not good for your SEO!

So, we decided to create our own humanizer. Its far from perfect, and you will need to edit its output. But it will allow you to create unique 0% AI content. Unique is the key word for SEO. And, since we don't sell it as a humanizer online, only our customers have access to it here. If you're selling Vitamin D, you will wind up with unique human content.

It also maintains those critical keyword phrases and links that are so essential for PBM to be effective. Our humanizer will create poor grammar, and you will definitely need to edit it. But you need to do this anyway as Google and others will most likely figure out that 'humanized' content is just more AI.

Our humanizer tool provides you with hundreds of words of content and all you have to do is edit it. When you do, it will typically score 95% human or higher on AI detectors. Just make sure you don't edit your key phrases and links!

Look at the Example Pillar Contextually Linked Content section of our website. All these categories were created with our tools, starting with one or two key phrases.

Pricing is simple. You buy US$ tokens. Minimum is only 100 tokens for US$100.

We charge just one 0.1 tokens per pillar structure element based on your primary key phrase(s); pillar structure elements include titles for the main pillar, sub pillars, and blogs. Each element will contain key phrases. We then charge 2 tokens per AI content page, and 1 token per AI image created. Humanizing the pages costs 2 tokens per page.

Try it with one main pillar, one sub pillar and one blog!